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Lodge of Lamers's being salty again...

Here is a little lesson on how I play:

I am no PvPer... I am a Looter and PK. That's probably way to complicated for you, but I think everyone else understood it so far :D

I give a shit about what you salty whiney bitches pm me, or whatever. Lou Cento must be right out of the mental hospital. ^^

"WE GONNA HUNT YOU@!!!" Yeah please try. You'll most likely fail at it like everyone else that tried. Don't be a salty motherfucker ^^

Just accept you are not safe in your town, farm zone or when going afk and flagged. I'll be there to get you again and again when you are not prepared for it :P

I fight when I WANT to fight. And even if you should kill me it's not a problem I come for the loot and I always get it in the end. Just like I looted your little girlfriend. That's what I am known for. :)

But nevertheless thanks for adding to my legend. ;)

Checking back at Shroud after 2 months break...

Game looks more polished. Combat is more fun now.
Sandbox mechanics still missing though... but random PKing can be fun for a while again... ;)

It is always good to make new friends in NB:

Other people are more appreciative of me killing bunch of guys in Brittany Wharf:

And I might actually go into the contract killing business...

Got banned in the forums again, after making 3 posts. Lead to a longer discussion with Berek and to my surprise we both came to an agreement... so maybe things are improving, and I might take a closer look into SotA again, since with Kor they really got a programmer who knows the game very well, and Chris making promising statements that with Release there would be more sandbox features I might like... ;)

Last but not least, the cringe of the week: