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Forsaken Virtues in Community Management - Part II

Just was made aware that my video, the censoring of it on the official forums, me leaving those forums and the aftermath of it resulting in a couple of other people leaving, has sparked interest of the #1 German speaking PC Gaming Magazine. Here is my rough translation of the original article. The German original is linked here.

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues: Doomsday in the forum

Die Geduld der Fans von Shroud of the Avatar scheint am Ende zu sein. (2) 

Richard "Lord British" Garriotts upcoming RPG Shroud of the Avatar has had trouble from the beginning.

Reason for that was, that it was praised as the ULTIMATE RPG for RPG fans with epic singleplayer part and an online world in memory of Ultima Online.

But somehow the game fails to achieve both of those things yet, and this in spite of announcing its release initially for late 2014 and now delayed to the middle or end of 2017. The issue that is does not play like a new Ultima Online and also has no epic singleplayer experience with interesting quests or decisions with consequences, has been a strain on peoples patience for too long. Their discontent vented in the past days in the offcial forum. Several thread containing in parts very harsh critique of the game were posted. The game would only appeal to people with a large wallet, to buy houses, player towns and decorations for real money.

Essential game elements like the unbalanced combat, meaningless PVP system and the basically non existent single player mode, with boring and loveless quests are not making much progress. Most critique of this would be defended against from "White Knights", that defend every decision of the Developers and choke any discussion of the critique, additionally there would be censorship and deleted threads repeatedly.

The developers don't take the critique seriously, that is also mentioned outside of the forums, for example Reddit, and reviews of the Steam Early Access version of Shroud of the Avatar. Those reviews are in parts devastating.

Because of that some diehard fans of the game decided to take their leave from the game and the community.

Up to this point there has been no reaction from the developers to that issue. A short time ago Richard Garriott mentioned in an interview with Polygon, that he has the opinion, the fans are happy and are behind the game. Apparently this seems to have changed...

End of the article...

So what now?

Some of you might think I pitched that article but you have to take my word on it I didn't.

However I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I hope we can get back to a common ground again concerning the community guidelines and make some changes to them...It is necessary.

I can only speak for myself that I am willing to reach out... will you Portalarium?



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