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Banned again for hurting a Dev's feelings...

Apparently contradicting a developer is now a bannable offense. Especially if it is factual and he can't come up with a rebuttal. ;)

Rick Holtrop wrote me a letter again that I was banned for being combative and contradicting a developer. So cute, as this has never been a violation according to their community guidelines.

Next up he fails to elaborate on how it is combative to tell someone who was apologizing for mentioning the Master of the Forge charity, that he doesn't need to apologize as his post didn't violate any rules. Which it didn't since mentioning or questioning the charity wasn't yet forbidden either, before Darkstarr needed to threaten people with warnings if they mention the charity.

I guess most of us just have to take a look at some of the Dev's Twitter or other social media accounts to get a clue where this behavior is coming from. Some of them became pure left wing collectivist. There is hardly a difference between a National Socialist or a International Socialist. Both use their power to get rid of unwanted opinions. The number of arbitrary and unwarranted moderation or banning is huge and the only thing stalling it is the lack of new blood that is entering the community.

While the last couple of months Berek was pretty much leaving me alone and since we came to an agreement on how I will in the future deal with white knights violating forum rules, things were kinda quiet. But as I already told, Portalarium has true activists in their ranks...

SotA is most likely the first game where your property gets searched for moderate political messages or satire. E.g.: Kek. Kek itself is an egyptian god, Kekistan is a moderate movement, and the founder is debating right wing nationalist as well as left wing extremist. Every sane person knows that, and if you do more than CNN level of research it is actually pretty straightforward to obtain this information. But if you are in the camp of left-wing extreme collectivist movements or sympathize with them, you could maybe get brainwashed to think something different. I say brainwashed, because there are open statements by the "leader" of the movement, and several appearances on TV or internet shows (Joe Rogan as example) which easily proof all of those claims he is alt-right wrong.

Portalarium effectively silenced people now because they are afraid of losing their pledge worth several 1000$ USD. Good job Portalarium. I hope you are well aware that all this got plenty of attention in the german gaming and MMO scene.

However it is very unfair to put all devs into one bag. In fact my latest correspondence with Chris Spears has been very fruitful and I have a lot of respect for that guy. He is open to arguments, and while we all are human and make mistakes, pick the wrong tone or wording - he is someone that is open for debate and stands for his opinion. No matter on what side of the discussion you are on, you have to respect that.

Being banned from the forum doesn't really matter. It is more or less dead anyhow. And if this game is ever to succeed the slightest, the official forum won't be THE forum anyhow.


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