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Valentine's Day Prep in SotA...

In a prepartion for V-Day, and as a response to some banter that was going on in the forums, I though I make a picture of one of my many visits in New Heaven. Unfortunately they usually are unflagged if they not outnumber me, so I have to find other ways to make fun of them ;)

Apparently the self proclaimed Do-Gooder Defense Force needs to call for moderation favors ;)

Luckily Waybackmachine saved some of the comedy gold responses this banter got.

Just a little advice:

While on reddit the discussion on bad moderation goes on, and probably one of the best customer relation talks I've ever seen in this game got interrupted by overzealous moderators.

While I personally gone away from the notion to blame Berek as a person, I can understand people still blame him.

People like Scotty and Chris are passionate about what they do. Chris who put a lot of work into the project lately and tackled a lot of concerns people seemed to have with the skill system has really surprised me, as the planned profiency changes go way deeper than I expected. Just read the last couple of posts he made in his Dev blog.

Community management on the other hand manages to nullify that progress by shedding SotA in a bad light again unnecessarily. I wonder if we see changes with the new forums we apparently might see in the future. It is rumored we might get international forums and a new website perhaps...

I postponed the R50 tier list, as so many changes are going into everything that it would be useless in R51 anyhow. However I plan to change my tier list based on schools not single skills, as I find it more fitting towards the proficiency system.

SotA pop has plateaued again with a slight increase according to Steamcharts which seems good. I personally know several guys that want to check-in on release for another try.

I hope we can keep a critical mass of players, and I am looking forward towards more sandbox content once we move into Q2...


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