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You know you're doing something right when...

the Technical Director of the game you are playing accuses you of exploiting... and you aren't ;)

I personally think the exploit mentioned is not really that strong, because you basically have to keep life-tapping while all damage you receive goes into your shield draining your mana big time.

So this renders you basically unable to cast any attack skills. Not very desireable.

So what did I do?
Maybe I just played the game as I think it is intended. I prepared with buffs, food, devotionals, I use crafted gear, top notch artifacts and got a balanced deck with CC & CC breaks.

What did they use? PVE decks, which they were unable to swap to a PVP deck apparently.

You should not flag PVP if you don't want to get attacked. PERIOD.

Atos of course realized that I played legit and was nice again ;)
Although I could feel his smile when he killed me once in the Blood Bay aftermath.

After coming to the game as a big fan of Lord British and Starr Long, I have to say Chris became the man I have faith in, making Shroud of the Avatar a great game. Keep it up Chris...

and I got what I wanted for my shrine:


  1. Yes, Chris is the man I have faith in too. Hes the one who can make PvP great.

    I love youre blogging Vollo, get out that sensitive side. Keep it up


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